Vermilion has new plans for the production of natural gas for Dutch households and businesses. A so-called government coordination scheme has been started for the VDW project. These are two small fields, called VDW-A and VDW-B. The gas fields extend under the territory of the municipalities of Westerveld and Weststellingwerf. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK) coordinates this process and closely involves (regional) governments in the implementation of the procedure. Work is already being done in the spirit of the new environmental law, which means that stakeholders are invited to think along about this project. In this process, all permits are written and assessed, and an extensive environmental impact assessment is drawn up.

Note Scope and Level of Detail

A Memorandum on Scope and Level of Detail (NRD) must be established by the State Secretary for Economic Affairs before the necessary studies can be carried out to draw up an environmental impact report (EIA) and integral impact analysis (IEA).

Integrated impact analysis and environmental impact assessment

The NRD has carried out various studies for the VDW gas extraction project. Two documents have been drawn up from this:

  • EIA phase 1
  • IEA

Both are available for inspection from 10 May to 6 June and everyone can comment on these documents at EZK. During this inspection, EZK organized an information evening on 17 May 2022 in Wilhelminaoord. Here, residents could ask questions about the project.

Participation gas extraction VDW

Participation of the environment is important and that is why EZK and Vermilion have drawn up a participation plan for the VDW gas extraction project. The participation plan is a living document.

Criteria for a new gas production site

In order to be able to produce gas, a gas field must be tapped. Drilling is done from a location that is as favorable as possible in relation to the underground target. After a successful drilling, production from that location must also be possible.

A first step is to investigate whether an existing location is present, from which one or more gas fields can be reached safely and efficiently and from where additional production is possible.

If no existing location is available, a new location must be found.

When looking for a suitable location, a number of criteria must be met. For example, the location must fit into the environment, be easily accessible and the underground targets must be able to be tapped safely and economically.

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