Wapse production location

The preparations

Before the drilling for the LDS gas fields starts, the location has been prepared. Equipment was transported to the location from the beginning of October. The drilling rig with associated equipment went to the location in mid-November. The transport movements for this were as much as possible during the day, so that residents have as little inconvenience as possible. The transport routes have been coordinated with the municipality.

Project LDS

Vermilion Energy has started work on two drillings for the LDS gas fields from the Wapse location on Noordenveldweg. Vermilion has been active at this location for some time. We extract natural gas here for Dutch households and businesses. Soon we will be more visibly present.

Drilling and nuisance

After the preparations, the drilling phase started. These started at the end of November and the drilling of the first well was completed. The drilling of the second well started at the beginning of January. During drilling we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do everything we can to ensure that there is as little nuisance as possible, but this is the phase that local residents can notice or suffer from the most. During the entire process of our activities, an ecologist monitors nature, our activities are monitored and reports are made to the supervisor.

After drilling

We expect to have finished drilling around the beginning of February 2023. The drilling rig and other equipment will be picked up again in about 10 days and then the location will look the same as it does now. 

These transport movements are also as much as possible during the day. After connecting the wells to the existing gas extraction facilities, we will test the gas and also start production. We do this in the existing pipes. This prevents that ‘flaring’ is required. This is friendlier to the environment and prevents nuisance. During gas production there is no further nuisance, the gas goes via underground pipes to Dutch households and businesses.

Vermilion puts energy into your sustainable environment

Vermilion pays attention to the environment in which we operate. For example, we have an Environmental Fund that focuses on local projects that accelerate the energy transition. Associations and foundations are welcome to apply to us for sustainability projects.

Vermilion Energy in the Netherlands

Vermilion is an important player in natural gas extraction in the Netherlands. Natural gas from the Netherlands is the absolute preference over imported gas and ensures at least 30% less CO2 emissions. In addition, Dutch natural gas makes us less dependent on other countries for our energy. Vermilion produces gas from small fields for Dutch households and businesses in a safe and responsible manner. In this way, Vermilion contributes to the fulfilment of the national energy needs.

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